New CD By The Cars Burning Up My iPod


White Ford Falcon said...

Cool!!! After only a short 25 or so years, here they are again... sans Ben Orr, but still have that unique sound. Nothing has been close since their departure.

I see I can buy the whole album MP3s on Amazon for a mere $5.99! I haven't tried to buy from Amazon this way, but this is going to be my first. Will have it loaded on my iPod shuffle in no time --- I'll be bee-boppin' around the yard on my mower in no time!!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Great! I agree, they have a unique sound--66% guitar rock, 33% synth rock. If the balance were the other way, they'd have been just another Flock of Seagulls.

Their very first album, The Cars, The Cars, is absolutely quintessential. So different sounding when it came out. I think we used to hear it when you had your JVC and we played B-Ball in the driveway. It's so very complete, even on it's own.

I have the Essential Cars (double CD) and a few other "hits", plus the new one, on my Touch--about 30 songs in all, and it is fantastic listening (even if their music did get soft as a newt around Heartbeat City--I mean, "Drive"? Pa-lease!"


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