Gerry's Follow-Up to City To City

Gerry Rafferty, buoyed by the million selling success of City To City containing Baker Street, Right Down the Line, Home and Dry and others, launched his next LP under two years later. Although the self titled album Night Owl (1979) is out of print, it contained a couple of minor hits, before Gerry faded into obscurity. The late Gerry Rafferty really has a sultry cool about him in nearly every song. And of course, every song has two indelible marks: perfect pitch (he was said to be one of the few Scots with perfect pitch), and the references to drinking.

Enjoy Night Owls by Gerry Rafferty. I dare you to listen to it twice and not have to listen to it again and again. Reminds me of drinking beer along a sunlit Gulf beach, swinging from a hammock.

Thanks, Gerry!

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