White Ford Falcon said...

I remember that crap! Squeeze it out of the tube in all its plastic, globulous, carcinogenic glory... stick a straw into it and then try to blow it up. Inevitably having it puff back up the tube into your lungs. A toy for all ages!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Ha ha. God one. Yep.

Might explain why I wheeze now, forty years later, when I even look at a balloon at the state fair. Repressed memories of inhaling Whamo Bubble plastic.

Or it could just be that neon swirl colored tumor it created in my bronchus.

If I start spitting blood, I'll know the answer.

Coolkayaker1 said...

And remember that oh-so-powerful Superball. They show the kid playing with it off a table and having a fabulous time in the commercial, but remember what it was like in real life?

Heave that innocuous looking ball of compressed dynamite onto the driveway with all your weight behind it, only to have it rocket back up to the underside of your mandible with the force of an angry mule.

It's a wonder more kid's didn't need jaws wired from that thing!

Remember The CRackers--two glass balls hanging from strings that you bounce back and forth building momentum until brave enough to just go mental with them, trying to clack then both above and below your hand.

Jesus, I think they took those bad boys off the market. Too many kids blinded by green glass shrapnel.

I feel badly for those that owned both toys. There are likely a few grown kid out there who can't even see to grab the straw they must "eat" out of. Heart-breaking, really.

Aimee Dearmon said...

I loved that stuff! The fumes may have had something to do with it, but I loved that stuff!


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