The Novel Continues

Well, the blog has officially taken a back seat. I have met some talented writers from the Naperville region and they have motivated me beyond my wildest expectations for what I can accomplish as a writer. November, as per a prior post, is National Novel Writing Month, and as such, I have embarked on the long and arduous journey of writing a full length novel. The story I have in front of me now is coming along well, and could be a full length novel with only some tweaking (and oh, about 80k more words). I am going to snowflake the plot and see if it goes anywhere. If not, there is always a tidy way to tie it off, like a ligature to a field wound, and wind up another long yarn from scratch.

I've spoken of writing for years, and now I am doing it. I wrote at work today (editing mostly) and tonight. The Naperville group has online chatting and help, and events planned in 2011. I'm pleased to learn from their experience; their dedication to the craft is infectious.

Coolkayaker1 lives on, as periodic posts are scheduled automatically in December and even in 2011. And I will venture on here now and again to update you about life and writing and family and travels. But, alas, the posts will now be sporadic. I am really enjoying the discovery of a part of me that was always present, always a desire, just something underneath the doctor, father and husband me. It's time to unearth this core essence of who I am.

Without further adieu, I'm off to finish my story about The Suitcase With the Scarab Clasp.

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