Don't Be Scared, It's Just All Hallow's Eve, That's All.

Why does one human being get jollies off scaring another?  Is this seen anywhere else in the animal world?

Then, let's film it...yeah, that's the ticket.  Scare the crap out of a loved one, and get it on video so we can laugh, not once, but whenever we're a touch melancholy.

But really, scaring someone, particularly our own family member, is only really funny if it's posted on the internet.  That way, the victim is not only scared, afraid, and humiliated once, but they can be embarrassed over and over again by friends and schoolmates and teachers and viewing strangers.

What does this say about mankind and society that we--you, me, us--would take jollies and feel all warm and fuzzy inside about watching a stranger get freaked out for no reason at all.  Especially a child.  An innocent child.

Thanks for joining me to laugh at people being scared and suffering.  Please tune in next month when I'll feature videos of people tickling other people until they pee their pants.

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