Turtle Invades My Backyard!~

In August, this snapper slugged up onto my yard in the 100 degree heat, and only after a dousing with the garden hose, and help from a spade, did the beast with the 13 inch diameter shell get coaxed back into the water. You can see his size relative to the shadow of the garden spade.


White Ford Falcon said...

Wow he looks like a real killer. Could've made a beautiful soup outta him. Nice pic.

Coolkayaker1 said...

He tried to snap the handle off the shovel. Powerful. Flipped him over, and he used that muscular neck to flip himself back in a flash. Fairly dumb, though. 100 degrees, and he waddled over 25 yards up onto my backyard before becoming delirious, and had I not drenched him with the hose, I'd have been moving a 25 lb. wad of dead, stinking flesh with that shovel later that afternoon.


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