The Proper Way To Hang An ENO Hammock With Slap Straps

I have to say, I felt the same was as you about the straps—still do if I'm using them for a couple hours or less—but now am with the other's on HF. There's even a slapstrap thread, which I am sure you've read. The many 'mockers on here are right, they are just too springy—especially if wet—and too heavy (unless your driving in your car, where it doesn't matter) when there are so many inexpensive, more lightweight and better alternatives. 

You'll see when you're in the 'mock for a longer stretch of time, as I discovered this summer, the straps stretch much more than you think, so you end up pulling them very tight to compensate “in advance” for the stretch you know will be coming, and then the hammock is too straight, not the proper and most comfortable hang angle. So, you jump up in there, literally, because it's stretched so taut between the trees, and mounting your Nest is like trying to jump into the top bunk bed without a ladder. Then you read a book and drink a Michelob, and when you get up to pee, you come back and try to puuuullll it back to the next loop one foot away, your arms shaking from tugging so hard to just barely make it. But you get it hooked and say to yourself, “See, I did it! This slapstrap are alright , and even though the slapstraps being the lousiest piece of hammocking gear is the universal mantra on hammock forums—hell, it's the one thing everyone agrees on—I must be the one guy that loves these bad boys”. And you leap back up into your hammock and do the same process over again. And again. Indeed!

Issue is, as many mention, if you're overnighting in it, doing this fancy ritual 2-3 times overnight and in the pitch dark, especially if you have to get out from under any tarp you have and stand in the mud, in the downpour—well, let's just say at that moment, you'd give your left nut for some amsteel rope and a couple polyester straps. I suppose if you have a dinky ENO tarp you won't mind adjusting the strap in the rain as much; you'll already be soaked. 

Slap Straps--Great for a couple hour siesta.  Better options for anything else.

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