I'm Wearing Helmet And Wrist Guards Now

I've posted this great (although low video quality) film before, and I will never be like these kids.  They are amazing. But, playing around with my Torker nightly in the driveway, I have already skun my knee last week, and tonight hamburgered my palms.  In the toy chest, I found my old Bell biking helmet and wrist guards.  I am going to add knee guards and shin guards when I get to the sporting goods shop.  Just practicing my mounts, and idling (staying put without moving forward), I have had the uni suddenly slide out from me and wind up face down on my kisser one too many times.  My brother, also a unicyclist, may be better than I am now; I'm wondering if he still plies the sport.  I can get a wonderful workout just going round and round in my driveway; that's one of the benefits of being flabby and out of shape. Anything is a workout.


White Ford Falcon said...

I haven't been on my 24" cycle for some time - mostly sits in my basement. Occasionally, I take it out and entertain the kiddos. Two trips up and down the driveway and I have sufficiently squashed my grapes that I want to dismount. I don't know how I used to ride miles around town when I was young - taking a trip downtown just for laughs...

Coolkayaker1 said...

Grab that uni and get out there, my brother. Pinch those balls into submission.


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