Conklin Barn Theater, Goodfield, Illinois

Our Founder
Chaunce Conklin (June 9, 1926 - December 24, 1999)

Charles "Chaunce" Conklin, born in 1926 in Arrowsmith, began his professional career in 1950. He had been associated with the Barn Dinner Theater at Goodfield since 1975. Before that, he taught dance at Illinois Wesleyan University for 13 years and produced, directed and choreographed shows at the Illinois House, Lake Bloomington, Williams Towne Hall and Lexington. He had many years experience as a professional dancer. One of the benchmarks of his professional stage experience was as Will Parker with John Raitt in the touring company production of "Oklahoma!" He did summer stock in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida and Illinois, appearing with stars Dorothy Collins, Gordon and Sheila McCrea, JoAnne Worley and Shelley Berman. Chaunce Conklin was much more than the founder of the Barn…he was director, manager, instructor, mentor, friend and inspiration. We are proud to continue the dream he had of a professional, resident theatre in central Illinois.

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