Those Damned Cavern Beaters

I spent not one, but two, days this weekend in Duck Park, right alongside the pretty Batavia Illinois dam.  These are my point-and-shoot Fuji videos of the dam. Loved my time alone and with my super wife.

Then saw Cavern Beat, a Beatles cover band at Batavia's Windmill Festival that look like the Beatles, and they sounded "spot on". They were so funny between songs, too. (not my video below)

Here they are on stage at Batavia Windmill Fest, July 2010. Highly recommended, if you ever get a chance to see them. I would definitely see them again--they are so authentic in sound, I'd rather see the CBs than the Beatles themselves. Well, almost, anyway. My wife and I enjoyed this show...and I only wish I had my video camera (someone else did, as there's a 1:23 minute video on youtube of them at Batavia by americankid123435) to film a squirrely but enthusiastic guy--looked like a miniature Tim Burton in cut off T-shirt and shades--doing this really weird torso-twisting, up-on-toes "dancing", solo no less, at stage right for about ten songs. He was a gas, man! Love th CBs. New fan here.

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