Taking Photos Is Fun

The passerby that asks you to take their picture is becoming less common.  Although almost everyone says "yes" if someone asks, "Hey, want me to take your picture together," fewer people will ask someone to take their photo first.  This may have to do with the complexity of modern cameras (almost everyone asks, "So which button do I push?").  It might have to do with people rushing here and there, and a hurried walk is the best way to avoid anyone asking for a favor.  But more than likely, given today's society where neighbors seldom speak over a fence and many simply shut their garage doors using the remote control the moment the rear bumper passes inside the safety sensor, it's just a matter of not wanting to interact with another human being.


Anonymous said...

So true this is.... I usually am glad to help, but with one self-serving twist. After I have been handed the camera, provided the obligatory "just press this" instruction and posed the subjects just right (a little left, little right, just a but back)... I pull the shutter release once and then once again as I scurry off down the alley like a scalded cat.

Once at home, I get to enjoy the full documentation of the incident. The glory of a wonderful setting, the smiling faces of folks enjoying the day in a fabulous locale. This, immediately followed by the odd look of confusion that inevitably befalls my victims when they realize that they have lost their property via one of the oldest tricks in the book.

A quick "used camera" post on eBay, then out to find a couple more bargains!! All in a days work ;)

Coolkayaker1 said...

Ha ha! That is friggin' hilarious, anonymous.

Excellent description tells it with full-on, knee-slapping humor. The only two I know who could write this entry with such effective prose are Travis Thrasher or JA Konrath--both published authors and full-time writers.

I don't know which of the two of you has graced my blog, Travis and Joe, but either one, you sure made me dribble in my under-roos.


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