The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang Review

My 2007 review of The Stones album, A Bigger Bang:

Diss Rolling Stones LP rocks! I tink diss is a retouin to da blews dat me and Paulie was waitin' fo. Da lead singa, da guy with da fat lips named Mik--prolly after a microphone dat he could et in 1 chomp-- howls like a hurt frog on dis LP. And Keef, dat is da guy wit da bad hare, has learnt to strum the g-tar -- at last. Da guy wit da nose who no one knows his name is funny lookin' so no one tinks bout him much. He don't write no songs no how. Da best is Charlie, da drummer, who bangs witout even a smile. He makes Ringo from da Beetles look like da monkey wit a helmut from da Naner Splits TV show. A rockin LP dat u oughta buy if u sees it on sale cheep.


Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

awesome! I am glad you are enjoying the Sedona photos on my website.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Thanks, Julie.


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