Fantastic Night Out in Saint Charles, Illinois: Geneva's Second City

Cathy and I shared a memorable evening with David and Alexia.  We met up and drove over to Pub 222 in St. Charles for drinks and burgers.  The food, with homemade chips, salad and scrumptious burgers, with beer, wine and gin & tonic chasers (Cathy was our dutiful designated driver) gave us a chance to catch up on life, love, travel and summer fun.  Then it was back in the Denali for a scoot over to Noble Fool Theater, Pheasant Run, for the absolute smart-ass, side-slapping humor of Second City.  Frankly, most plays and movies—even the comedies—are good if they can have one serious gaffaw every fifteen minutes or so.  The Second City give a serious belly laugh about every 30 seconds!  The young people in the show—just five performers and five chairs—with some rehearsed skits and some improvisation, are tops.  About 500 in attendance, and I told Alexia  “Naw, they don’t call anyone up on stage”—well, out of the sell-out crowd, Alexia gets picked!  She improvised live with barbed wit, and even threw a football  repeatedly (albeit, her spiral was a tad wonky).

As Dave stated, so many laughs our faces hurt, literally.  I am thrilled that we could go, share the “internet funds” (Dave and Alexia know), and treat each other to such a fun evening.  Thank you Dave and Alexia; couldn’t have gone with nicer friends.  And greatly appreciate the chocolate sauce and note. 

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