View Of Chicago Skyline From Olive Park Beach

To the right of the Hancock Tower are two mid-rise white buildings, with a short orange building in between.  I lived in that short orange building on Pearson Street for two years during my studies at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  It seems like yesterday, but it was nearly two decades ago now.  Looking back it's a sharp memory, vivid and moving.  I found this image online on blog 5th and State, and the photo resonated with me.  I spend time on Olive Park Beach, and looked in this direction on many occasions.  It's a clean view, where the water is clear and the skyline alive.  Triathletes would launch from this beach to swim along the skyline wall, as I have swam several times in my wetsuit--the wetsuit that's in my closet and now feels very tight on me.  It must have shrunk.

Chicago is a super city, and its location alongside the lovely Lake Michigan really sets it apart.

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