Six Sentences: Is Publishing My Story!

Okay, it's only six sentences.  But there is a certain knack or talent necessary to tell a complete story in only six sentences.  Not seven, not five.  I submitted only one story, about two weeks ago, and I just got an email from editor Rob McEvily, saying that my story is "excellent" and the website will publish it tomorrow!  This site was ranked a top 100 site by Writers Digest 2010, is on Facebook and Twitter, and I am going to have the story of the day.  For many of you, who have heard about my writing endeavors for years, this is the first time you've ever gotten to read something from me.  So, now that it's all built up, there's no way in heck it can live up to the hype.

Stay tuned.  For a preview of the website, here's the link:

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