Saint Charles Pride Of The Fox Riverfest 2010

Stumbled upon the Pride of the Fox Riverfest today, Sunday, with Cath and we sure had a ball.  Strolled through the amusement rides, vendors booths on both sides of the river, had a Fudgsicle in Pot Park, rock bands rocking. Dragon boat races.  Lunch at an Italian bakery. But the highlight was watching a master sand sculptor at work--wearing his iPod and sunglasses, a healthy looking middle aged man plied his craft in front of amazed onlookers, turning 40 tons of sand into art.  The photo above is from a past year.  This year it's a castle and ice cream eating ogre.  I came back to the condo and Google the festival, and the sculptor's name is Ted Siefert, and he is like the Michael Jordan of sandcastling.  The grand poo-baah!  He's written two books on the subject, one considered the sandcastler's Bible.  He has seven world records, including the longest sand structure at 6.5 miles!  I just saw "the star" of sandcastling.  And he is, indeed, very good.  A gorgeous day with my wife before the rains hit.

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