MS Office 2010 Has Landed

Tomorrow it's out...Microsoft Office 2010.  I've been using the beta version since April to outline my novel in OneNotes, and it looks strong.  My official disc should be arriving from within a day now. I particularly like that the information can be stored in the 'cloud', and be accessed from any computer.  A sweet method for backup (like, only integrated in Office), if it works.  $50 for Home and Student edition, per computer, which includes the online storage.

Alternatives to MS Office abound (i.e. the end of Microsoft?  Yes, in the long run.  Time to ditch the shares after they pop on the MS Office "bounce"),2817,2363968,00.asp

And for the writers out there, I have learned from online research that using Word to format a manuscript takes quite a bit of tweaking, and here's the article to show you how:

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