Tracy Chevalier's Novel: Yawn!

I read Girl With A Pearl Earring in its entirety on Kindle For ipod.  Why I would choose this novel, I can only surmise: I was intrigued by Vermeer, the 16th century painter with only three dozen or so total works to his name.  Greit, his handmaiden, falls for the painter.  Vermeer not only paints her picture, but allows her to wear his wife Catharine's pearl earrings.

The book is the debut novel from Tracy Chevalier, a female writer who has now had other published works.  This particular book, her best selling, is written like a high school senior jotting a story for lit class.  It's stilted dialogue, cliches (e.g. "one brick short of a load" for a crazy person) and snail-paced story make for a complete waste of time.  This love story is not at all recommended.

My next read, as I finish up Generosity by local author Richard Powers, is the Pulitzer prize winning Tinker.

Hint: so far, Tinker is amazing!

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