Indianapolis 500 Raceway Time Trials Today

Enjoyed a wonderful day at the Indy 500 Raceway with Dad and son and cars that went vroom vroom to 226 mph!  Gorgeous day, no rain, 80F, all sun, and great views.  Danica is like the Tiger Woods of Indy sports, and she even caught hell on national media for blaming the car for her abysmal 223 mph showing. Click this link to read about it:
Danica's story at Indiana 500 Time Trials 2010

We saw Milka Duno race for speed, but did not see a towel throwing cat fight between she and Ms. Patrick:

And we saw Dario Frachitti, a.k.a. Mr. Ashley Judd vying for pole position and doing very well, and no crashes like that in his past:


Anonymous said...

Cool event... wish I couldve been there. I've seen the Indy boys when they race in Nazareth, PA and they really tear up the track. 200+ MPH is fast!!!

Glad you had good weather...

Coolkayaker1 said...

I wish you were here also.


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