The Dixie Swim Club

Evening began with a lovely meal at Francesca's By The River in St. Charles, IL; the ladies enjoyed salmon and asparagus, and I had penne pasta with homemeade mozarella.  Fine conversation and fun place.

"Dixie Swim Club," which is being presented at Steel Beam Theatre beginning May 21.
"The whole key is the relationships working in the show," said David Belew, the play's director. "Part of the show's appeal is seeing the relationships; seeing how these people get along."
"Dixie Swim Club," written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, is about five women from a college swim team who meet every year at a seaside cottage to rekindle their bonds. The show covers four such gatherings, starting when the women are 44 and ending with a portrait of 77-year-olds visiting the cottage for the last time.

Enjoyed a groovy Saturday night out with two ladies, Linda and Cathy, and no, we weren't be in Key Largo to see this comedy.  But, fun in the front row of the theatre in the western suburbs of  Chicago.

Finished up the evening with a nightcap at David and Alexia's party, drank Chinese beer while looking at photos from their China vacation, and saw many friends from the condominium.  Happy Memorial Day!

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