Light In My Bedroom As Viewed From Master Bathroom

Photographers have a term called "tack sharp". It's the holy Grail of pictures. No shake. No noise. No motion blur. Usually a result of good equipment, lens, tripod, wireless shutter release, stop mirror motion, proper ISO, etc. All that did not go into this picture today. But, it's close to tack sharp. If you scroll and look at my posts, this one stands out. Click and enlarge it. That chandelier is vivid. Almost jumps off the page. Looking through the page.

I'm nit so skilled. It's just that this one photo "pops". By luck and good equipment. I could never take this picture with my point and shoot.


Only happy when paddling! said...

hmmmm...just a LITTLE bit disturbing, Steve...considering it is shot from a low perspective from inside your BATHROOM!!! LOLOL

Glad you are having fun with your new camera!!


Coolkayaker1 said...

Funny, superhero!


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