The Kindle For IPhone / IPod Touch

Okay, I've read on many "readers", including the Kindle, the netbook (which I still adore with the wireless mouse and small dongle), and the iPod Touch. Well, I have come full circle, and have now read all three of Scott Kelby's photography books and two books on the craft of writing, and now The Kite Runner, all on the tiny Kindle for IPhone (with books purchased from Amazon.com). The size of this reader is small, but the portability is unsurpassed. It is truly easy to zip into my fleece overcoat and take it out at a moments notice--no wi-fi is needed once I have the books downloaded onto it--and just read to my hearts content. I know a couple of you (including a couple of friends of my son) are avid readers. I struggled with reading on my iPod initially, but now I do well and enjoy it greatly.
I recommend Kindle for iPhone for a backlighted, color easy to read text that fits directly into the pocket or backpack. I personally like reading with black background and white text; very easy on the eyes. Amazon also has free e-reader software for Macs, PCs, and Blackberry!  Enjoy!


Travis Thrasher said...

Do you have any suggestions on covers for the Kindle? Thinking about getting the small one for Christmas.

Coolkayaker1 said...

The new Amazon standard leather cover (I think $35) is the best of the new Kindle for travel. I have seen, but do not own, the m-cover (brand), which is available at any Best Buy--Best Buy has a great selection of covers that you can see in person (but I don;t think they sell the standard Amazon cover). You could even buy the Kindle at Best Buy, but they are ofetn sold out, and of course they charge sales tax whereas Amazon does not.

I also have a simple rubber/silicone cover, available on Amazon or eBay, that serves as a "skin" for when I'm using the Kindle at home. I sometimes take it out of the folding cover and just use it in a rubber sleeve at home. Enjoy.


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