ISO 1000

Still learning about camera, one feature at a time. I was sitting on the couch in my office, and I only had on the incandescent lamp behind me (you can see it in the laptop screen reflected), and I used various ISO settings, and voila, I got this picture. No flash, this looks much brighter than the actual room. It looks like daytime, even though the room looks dark in person. Now, to get this image at ISO 1000, I had to brace the heck out of the camera on my knees and against my generous forehead, otherwise the "shake" was crazy, even with the anti-shake on the Sigma lens. First thought it was "noise" from high ISO, but for this particular EOS 7D, 1000 isn't a ludicrous ISO setting, so with patience and about 7 shots, I finally got one that was intelligible. Still noisy, though.  I needed a tripod.
Facinating to this point and shoot guy that ISO settings can bring in that much "light" without flash to such a dark setting. The learning curve for this camera is high, but at least I'm no longer afraid to just hold it outside it's Pelican 1450 box.

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