A Tsunami Hits Japan In A Folding Kayak

My dear friend and San Diego/Reno paddler Tsunamichuck ventured to Japan in late 2009 for a 2 month, solo expedition in his bag boat. He took many fabuolous photos (before losing his camera in the drink) and sent them to the boatloads of friends he has in the States. TSC is back in the states and safe now, but he was gone for a long time, and incommunicado for much of it. He was out on the waves in the middle of the seas. Fron the pictures, he experienced every type of weather. The hospitality of the Japanese people came through, and TSC's gregarious personality made him a hit, I'm sure, with the saki-drinking, shanshin-strumming crowds at each port. I applaud Tsunamichuck for grabbing life by the b*lls, and living it.


tsunamichuck said...

Actually it was only 1 month and in fairly protected waters.

Coolkayaker1 said...

HA Ha!


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