Mitchell Greenland Paddle Heading Out to CT

Hi Scott, and thanks for buying my GP.  It'll ship today to Nancy's place in Wallingford.  It'll be nice to know you're blading the Yankee water in it this summer.  My Epic is not a wing, S,.so you can see it starting on eBay Sunday night after about 8pm EST.

Between what I have sold and what I have listed on eBay now and tonight (at low, low prices to score a sale), I have enough for the camera I want (but not the lens--sort of like my new local library: enough taxpayer gouge for the building, but not the books or staff).  My dear wife waved the white surrender flag and said I could order it, and my brother coached me on what to buy. As I did buy the lens, too, I will be adding hockey jerseys and knick knacks to the barrel on eBay.  If anyone wants a giant sized, gorgeous Go Game in a carrier box, "go" for it on my eBay auctions starting Thursday.

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