The Herrington Inn Lobby On Geneva Daily Photo

I am pleased to show you this photograph from my online friend and schooled photographer Kelly at

Full credit to her for taking a sabbatical from her blog, now to return with triumphant new photos of the town everyone loves, 40 miles outside Chicago proper (and only a Metra ride away), Geneva, Illinois.

I enjoy her perspective on the town, from many angles and with many views. This particular lobby is of the famous Herrington Hotel, the toniest place to stay in Geneva, where the Bushes, Clintons and foreign leaders (Gorby) stay. It is one block from my place, and I have walked into the lobby just to peek around. I've not seen anyone famous--or even infamous like Joey Buttafuoco--yet. It's well captured on Geneva Daily Photo, where I learn about photography from perusing Kelly's photos.

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Coolkayaker1 said...

Interstingly, I enlarged (but did not crop) the photo on my blog, and it happens to have the flower vase in the center now--see GDP for another wide-angled view.


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