February 20, 2003 The Station, West Warwick, RI 100 Dead

A chilling video.  A wildfire within four walls.  Never forget.
(click the arrows on lower right of video for full screen)
96 died on the scene; 4 died later in hospital. 230 injured, some burned horrifically.

Details about the fire and its aftermath.


corgimas said...

hey Coolkayaker:
If i may ask - why did you post this now??? the anniversary is in a month...
I had not seen this footage (granted i have purposefully not looked for any)....interesting to see this though...

I was there on scene for 8 hours (EMT who HATES fire)....the most horrific thing i have ever been through.....

see you on the water!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Hi, brother corigmas. Thanks for your comment. I don;t know why I posted now--I guess just thinking of it and the Feb anniversary was an afterthought. You were there?! Holy smokes (no pun intended--well, yeah, a little intended, I guess). That was a terrible inferno. I am glad you were not hurt. The video is perhaps most meaningful to you, then. You might see people you recall. The videographer's news station, as you see in the link under the video to wikipedia, got spanked with millions for him "obstructing the way out" with his camera. Foolishness.

Hey, man, keep it groovy. It'll be kite flying and kayaking season soon enough. CK1


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