I Gots The Gout! Wicked Bad!

I've been limping all week from sudden onset gout in L foot. Very hard to walk, and impossible to paint my condo as I had intended. Shucks. : - ) I get gout about 1-2x per year. Prednisone and Advil keep me upright. Barely. I couldn't go to Ikea. I even found a tophi on my ear (those with gout know what I mean). Strongly hereditary, I know my grandfather and dad have had it. I have friends that have it, but I've not seen a scientific relationship between friendship and tophaceous gout, so I guess I'll keep the friends for now. My brother never mentioned it to me, but I'll ask him so he'll know when it strikes suddenly at night like a venomous spider sinking his fangs into the toe...and then twisting them around for shits and giggles.

Well, I had been doing the exact wrong treatment: aspirin and beer. Both are horrible--not just horrible, but downright deplorable--for gout. I did not know this until WebMD review. I swear, I'd down a couple beers--I am on vacation, you know, and even the dastardly gout can't take that away from me--and six hours later it'd hurt like someone spanked my foot with a ball peen hammer. Beer contains uric acid, a sin for us gouty types. I thought it'd kill the pain. And aspirin, another uric acid no-no. So here I sit, 4AM, foot inflammed going on day 4, popping steroids like a raving insomniac. But my gut is full of beer, lads and lassies. Wonderful event for about 8 friends--Lou Malnati was in da hooouse. Last night was special--cheers! We spoke of movies and books. About three people said they're going to buy Travis Thrasher's Ghostwriter, set in Geneva, IL, as I told them what a wild and fun read it is. You go, Travis. Truly enjoyed the guests and will plan another in short order. Very fun time had me forget about my foot for, oh, about three minutes, until I stood on it again. Sincerely, the Gimp.

P.S. Don't look up your health problems online or you'll see x-rays of people with completely rotted out joints, like the one above, and then you'll feel lower than the testicles on a salamander.


Anonymous said...

I think allupropinal??? is a drug to restrain gout for those who have it often but with side effects.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Yes, it too has its side effects, but I may need to consider allopurinol. It won't help me now that I have it actively--steroids, NSAIDs like indomethacin, and possibly colchicine. Thanks for the tip, though. I've never had it this bad before, Anonymous.

Travis Thrasher said...

I consider it an honor to be mentioned in your post on gout. That seems fitting. Happy new year friend! Thanks for your support.


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