Clinton Lake, Illinois Haunting View

Came across this wonderful B&W image of a cove at Clinton Lake, my favorite paddling lake in Illinois. It shows the water low, and the eerie nature of the trees in this man-made lake. The coves are numerous, and most have this haunting silhouette of how things were before the area was flooded.

This photo is by Matt Needham, professional photographer.

A trip report of my lastest paddle on Clinton Lake this autumn with friends, LittleRed, TrailMom and TimS is here:


White Ford Falcon said...

Beautiful photograph that demonstrates the power of black and white (if done well). This picture would lose much of its impact if printed in color. HArd to find good B&W subjects as it take a special photographic eye. Need to look for contrasts and texture, which is atypical for most of us.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Good points WFF re black n white. Mine seem not as dark. Not as much contrast as these prof shots. Might be me or camera. Yea. Likely camera. I like black and white photos. I will call you this week to shoot the shit.


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