Parking Garages and Winters Mix

The parking garage in my building is not as spacious, and never as vacant, as this one in the file photo. Ours is well used by my neighbors. Each space is bounded by cement poles and other vehicles. Tight. "Be water, my friend," applies here. We have not used our spaces frequently, and we even put them up for cash rent. The size of our vehicles is one factor, but also in the mix is the one rickety garage door opener that came with our condo. We never seem to have it when we need it, and it works about 1/2 the time. The problem is now solved: we programmed the Homelink built-in garage door openers on our GM vehicles. Hooray, we can access our own garage now. Lsst winter, Cathy was alone and an ice storm froze her door solidly shut in our outdoor parking lot. She phoned her big, burly friend from St. Charles to come and open it for her, nearly yanking the door ha ndle off in the process (rule of thumb--use remote start and let it thaw, or pour boiling water down the ice).

As winter 2010 nears, and we have some friends driving up to us this season, the garage will be a sanctuary. We're even thinking about another vehicle to keep in Geneva, depending on our needs for my soon-to-drive son. Garages are good and it's nice to have the opener working and enjoy the indoors.

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