Master Edit Software

I couldn't resist Master Edit software for $30 and now have it installed and performing very well. It's a self-contained program that allows you to cut and paste any document into it and then analyze word counts, usage, weak words, paramedic method, conjunctions, sentence lengths, and on and on. I have found it very useful. Pieces of writing, whether it be my short story, my recent letter to my homeowner's association, or even blog posts can easily and readily be improved by using this software. Frankly, although I'm still a hack writer at best, I do write daily in some form and am amazed at how this Master Edit software picks up things I never spotted even in my own writing. Autocrit is a similar program, but costs $47 annually. Master Edit downloads directly to your computer, it's a small and tidy program, and you can transfer to another computer if you wish. I find it very valuable. Moreso than I ever imagined. I recommend this program.

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