Guinness and His Shiny New Red Novacraft

Saturday was sunny, unseasonably warm and I awoke to an email from my Bloomington, IL paddling friend, Lyn a.k.a. Guinness, who was picking up his Novacraft on School Street, off Route 38. I rang him up immediately, and he was already there, lashing the boat to his Vibe. His boat is gorgeous--it's a 15 footer, Royalex, looks to be nearly new, and fit on his small SUV ideally. A proud new papa once again, he and Tish have brought a third youngster into this world, and they are a super happy and healthy family--kiddos age 4 years, 2 years and about 10 days old.

My heartiest congratulations to Lyn and Tish. I noticed during our breakfast at Egg Harbor on Third Street that my paddling pal Guinness is super proud of his wife and kids and plans to have serious red Novacraft fun, just like this photo from above. Many years of splashing good times, with some rough water in the mix, but always love and compassion and teamwork from his burgeoned family. And the bright side is, given the ages of his tykes now, the cesspond at Miller Park Zoo will feel like the Colorado River to the children. Hey, enjoy it while you can.

Salute, Guinness and Tish. Salute.

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