Geneva Daily Photo R.I.P.

Started in about April 2008, Kelly's wonderful Geneva Daily Photo has showcased some truly splendid images of my adopted town of Geneva, Illinois. I remember certain photos vividly: the umbrellas at Sergio's Cantina, the iPod on the wooden table at Graham's, the rusting spiral staircase in the alley, and the chair dumped into the Fox River. I can recall literally dozens of images, etched upon my retina, and now my mind, all taken by the caring and capable hands of Kelly and her camera.

Keeping up a daily blog--particularly one where a fresh image must be taken each and every day--is a challenge. Kelly did very well with it for longer than most anyone could. But eventually, life gets in the way. She has a loving family and maintains a healthy and very active life. The blog posts at first took little sabbaticals of a day here or there before ramping up again. But in summer and autumn 2009, the daily posts have eeked to only a few times monthly, and now, none for well over a month. Faithful readers have left the site.

I have learned so much from Geneva Daily Photo. So many cool and interesting places and events that I never would have known about otherwise (Marklund, Genoa Pizza, The Tea Shoppe, The Atrium Cafe, to name only a few). I cherish the photos that I have seen and the time that I have spent on Geneva Daily Photo for the past year and a half. Many thanks to Kelly and her blog. May you have super success in all you do, and should you one day have another internet venture, I look forward to it.

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