Thanksgiving 2009 -- Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Done

A successful Thanksgiving 2009 with 22 people sharing our great room, a kitchen full of fresh food...much to be thankful for in 2009. The honey turkey, Jennie-O boneless, was absolutely pure and moist and yummy from the Crock Pot. Huge white meat pieces. Cathy made stunning apricot clove ham in Crock Pot #2--sublime--with mashed potatoes and gravy and chopped salad. Perfect. We enjoyed authentic Beef House rolls and homemade (even the noodles) chicken and noodles from Shelia, Melodie baked frsh cookies plus macs and cheese, my parents brought a well-enjoyed cheese and meats starter plate, Sharyl brought green beans with none left at the end of the meal, Dorothy treated us to pecan and pumpkin pie and stuffing/dressing, we were very lucky today. None of the almost two dozen people went hungry. We are all so thankful for all we have in life. We got to enjoy this delectable meal overlooking the lake, football in the background, kids playing ping-pong in the basement. Always a thrill to be with people that mean so much to us. Thank you. Thank you.

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