Bien Trucha, Geneva's Hidden Gem

Bien Trucha
WHERE 410 W. State St., Geneva
PHONE (630) 232-2665
WHY YOU SHOULD GO The food and drinks at this intimate 30-seat restaurant are made from fresh ingredients, and the menu items are one-of-a-kind, created by the owner and his family.
CLAIM TO FAME The food is brought out on wooden planks, plus the margaritas are made with fresh fruit and without ice and the use of a blender, leaving the true flavors to be experienced.

Cath and I have tried to eat at this tiny tapas bar on State Street in Geneva at least three times before, each time getting shut out, literally. Wait over an hour. The place expanded and now holds maybe 30 cutomers. Maybe. It's miniscule. But it is so highly rated, five of five stars on yelp and tripadvisor and Chicago Tribune, and has been reviewed most positively in Chicago Magazine, and it's walking distance from our place, we had to give it a whirl. And whirl we did. Starter of fresh shrimp tacos with avacado wedge, followed by chorizzo and steak sandwich, plus a chicken breast and goat cheese sandwich and rice, downed with cerveza. Yum. It was indeed served on a plank in a cozy, warm atmosphere in a very modern space. Outside, you'd think it was a complete "hole", but inside, a contemporary feel. The prices were high as the tapas portions are small, but for an occasional indulgence, we will be back to Bien Trucha, which means "at the top". I see why diners drive miles to come to this 950 square foot space.


Jaros Designs said...

Thanks for the review - I keep hearing about this restaurant and can't wait to try it!!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Yes, give it a try and post on your website your thoughts. Only two things about it: you will adore it. And you will need to break the piggy bank to eat there. At least we did. Lunch for two plus tip (and only one beer!): $49. Ouch.


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