Soccer Season Winding Down

These are the final few days of my son's freshman 2009 soccer season. And what a growing and learning season it was. Although his team really didn't hit stride until the past three games, they are developing into young champions by exhibiting a strong work ethic, wonderful team spirit and comraderie. My son, in particular, transformed into a powerhouse of energy, stamina and skill. He can run like the wind now, and the four mile workout runs don't bother him a bit. Great strides from the huffing and puffing this summer.

What he and I will do this winter to maintain his level of fitness, and to develop mine from scratch, is unclear. We have an old treadmill, a Concept II rowing trainer, and tennis racquets with indoor rental tennis courts. These are all under consideration now.

The local boy's JV soccer team has given me many leap-out-of-my-seat moments this year. I truly enjoyed the season, which wraps up this weekend.

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