Mecum Auto Auction, St. Charles, Pheasant Run

Spent a day with my father at my first professional, televised automobile auction, and it was a real blast seeing all the old cars and trucks. Old Corvettes, Caddies—Fords to Chevrolets (’57 Chevys were all the rage). But the big ticket items weren’t these old gems. The big money went toward Dodges with hemi engines, and the prices soared to nearly $200k each! The real thrill though on this 60F cloudy day was seeing how the show was put together—the cameras, the lights, the emcees, and the entire nature of the live car auction atmosphere. I wish my brother was here; he enjoys and appreciates cars even more than I do.

Postscript: this little yellow cutie went for $130,000. Cheap enough.

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