Kayakfest 2009

What a fun-filled day! After a hearty breakfast with super friends Bruce and Zena, and a quick tour through the Saturday rush at The Little Traveler, the ladies hit Stamper's Cottage to make some Halloween cards while Bruce and I hit Kayakfest. Ran into David a.k.a central Illinoisian Yanoer taking classes all day long out on the Fox (he promises to show trailmom and I how to do a bow rudder, a crossed bow rudder and a hanging draw in one week). We checked out the vessels, shot the breeze a bit with Geneva Kayak owner Ryan, and then hopped on the bikes for a sojourn to St. Charles' Town House Books. Brisk ride knocked out my fender screw, replaced by Sammy at St. Charles Bikes near Mount St. Mary's Park. After relaxing to funny conversation with the scrapbooking ladies, Yanoer made it over for a shower and a beer and we all did some sloppy, bluesy sing-alongs to Bruce's acoustic guitar renditions (my fav, San Francisco bay Blues) in my livingroom. Then the group walked to and imbibed and stuffed ourselves at Sanfratello's, compliments of Bruce and Zena. What a glorious day of serious companionship and fun. An event packed day. Thanks to all our wonderful friends.

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