Papermate Apex 1.6 Retractable Ball Point

For years it was the Pentel Energel 1.0mm RT (retractable) Gel Pen. Smooooth. But, alas, they are becoming harder to find. And my one gripe--the ink runs out faster than you can pen the first chapter of that novella. I eBayed to get my most recent order, likely shipped from some back-alley pen vendor taking advantage of us pen-addicts with marked up prices on now obsolete disposable writing instruments.

Well, the search for a new scribbler worthy of my delicate digits lead me to Office Depot, and to Papermate Apex 1.6 mm. I need the chunk. I long for fat lines; "boss" lines. Juicy 1.6 mm black ink stripes. Must be retractable (I think I have a drawerful of pens without caps somewhere-no more!) and now I have found it. I ordered ten boxes (yes, you read that right--ten dozen) off Amazon.com. (free shipping, no tax) When I find something I like, I stick with it. If I like you, you're my friend forever and I'd lay my life down for you... if you're on my crap list, then, well, you're on my crap list...but I digress.

The lowly Papermate. Who woulda thunk it?

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Everyday Etsy said...

I can't find these pens anywhere! I need mooooore!


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