Night Walking in Geneva, Illinois

I walked for two nights this past weekend in Geneva, Illinois. For a Labor Day weekend, it was quiet. The side streets were, at times, eerie. Calm, 70F. Very few patrons in the local pubs. Gift shops closed, but with floodlights revealing pretty architecture and signs. The BF Goodrich store glowing with red tricycles and wagons. The cobbled column at River Park uplit from the ground. Lights in the homes with people laughing and eating. And me, walking. I walked for two hour each evening, up the numbered streets to a banana snack at Seven Eleven. It felt good to be quiet. It felt good to be alone. It always feels good to have others in my life, though. Even alone, I know you're there next to me.


tori said...

thanks for following and the pics are awesome on your blog!!! I will check out that book! thanks!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Thanks, Tori! Nice to know you!


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