Mission Accomplished: Elgin to Carpentersville

Voyageur's Landing to Buffalo Park. Outstanding company from Bruce, MagicPaddler and PaddleUpStream. 14.5 total glorious miles roundtrip, overcast day, 75F. The Carpenterville dam was spectacular, and enjoyed by all. The current below the dam was absolutely the most one could paddle against and still make progress--100 yards of sheer effort and struggle. Reinvigorates the desire to wet that paddle. I particularly like that we paddled through towns...lovely East Dundee, Carpentersville, and to edge of Algonquin. Plenty to see--old factories, some in decay, others modernized and still functioning plants. Greenery and humanscaping. Perfect blend. Thanks, gentlemen!


Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like a great trip!! Did you really paddle down that dam?!
I'm impressed! And I think you may be a little crazy!!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Hi Tmom! No, I did not paddle down the dam. But, man, did I contemplate it!

I cannot imagine that we have not paddled yet this summer. I'm guessing that you're digging that Shuna. Bruce is considering one. Best high angle paddle around, methinks. I hope that we can paddle together very soon. I am thinking about Sunday morning paddling--but it'd have to be fairly early at Clinton, something like 0700, because I have to collect bugs in the afternoon (long story). You?


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