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After meeting friends Dave and Alexia at Kane, discussing books, and knowing that I am reading three books simultanesouly right now, I thought again about Amazon Kindle. I loved my Kindle 1, having used it for almost two years before selling it on eBay for about 60% of what I paid for it new. And having bought many discounted books on it--still stored in my Kindle library--I figured I lost nothing on the device overall. I sure miss the device, and I know that I can read faster on it than I can in a printed text. The ability to read is thus improved. Already convinced about the utility of eInk and eReaders, the only question for me was the Kindle DX's hardware--and it seems to be proving itself. So, I 'm considering the Kindle DX. I really appreciate the larger size, I know that already. Reading "A Widow For One Year" on my iPod Touch is, well, tough. The Kindle DX looks to be the ultimate reader out there now, and although Sony will have a wireless 7 inch (still too small for my aging eyes--I think I will prefer the 10 inch DX) reader by Xmas 2009, they only have 100k book titles in their Sony store, and Amazon has nearly three times as many. Plus I already own about 30 books on Amazon, and I want to try my Chicago Trib subscription again. Bottom line...I love eReading. I know the devices will shake out over the next few years. The hardware of the Sony eReader is better than Amazon, but everything else is better about Amazon; I agree with the reviews in this regard. I'll fill you in on my findings.
P.S. I fully anticipate a price drop of the DX by Xmas 2009. Apple's eReader, out in 2010, will likely be the ultimate then, but hints of $700 price tag are'll be like a large iPod Touch, they say.

09/20PM Decided to consider my options. The best thing about my iPod Touch--the touch screen--is the worst thing about the Kindle. That pesky scroll button which, no doubt one week after the warranty expires, may just break off. Darn! Wait for the Apple eReader? More research to be done. I may just get a magnifying glass at American Science and read my iPod Touch.

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