Blue Crush

I know it may be a bit of breezy fun, but the movie Blue Crush set in Hawaii is an absolute blast. With an awesome deep wave soundtrack that'll really test your Bose, it is such a wonderful movie, with awesome views of Oahu. Not to mention the angelic Katie Bosworth. But hey, who's watching, right? She works as a chambermaid at the Ihilani, a super hotel at Ko Olina on Oahu, where I have had the pleasure of staying twice. She falls for a football player that is staying there for the Pro Bowl (the All-Star game for pro football is always on Oahu), and has to put her loving feelings aside to care for her little sister, and to win (or does she win?) the big surf contest. Sounds like a "chic" flick, but really is awesome fun. Recommended. (Whitefordfalcon and tori's daughters would love this movie! Love, love love it!)

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