The Writer Writes...

I have a couple days to write coming up when my wife is gone to a huge scrapbooking show with friend in Chicagoland, son is away for weekend, and I am here to put pen to paper. I have a day off from work also because on of my staff is out... so, I have a tidy, if slightly broken up, span of time to put pen to paper. NPR has a miniature writing contest to write 600 measly words to finish the opening line, "The nurse came home at five o'clock." I'll begin with that meaningless nut and bang one out for the NPR contest just to get the knuckles lubed up, then select a short story contest from my Writer's Digest monthly to tackle. If I can get that done--plus learn how to count territories in Go and do some meditative walking (I'm reading the Tich Nhat Hahn e-book)--I will have a fulfilling few days.

I will fight writer's block by setting my goals on less John Steinbeck and more John Hughes. I've read all the "How To" books, bought the pencils and the fancy chair, now just a matter of getting my butt in it and not falling asleep.


Kelly said...

Are you writing here or there?

coolkayaker1 said...

Hi Kelly. I am in C-U. Wife in Chicagoland for the Pheasant Run show. Are you writing, too? Have you selected a project? You have the skills, for certain.

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking Borders and Barnes & Noble for the forthcoming great American novel.



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