Sanyo R227 Internet Radio!

I waited patiently for a "real company" to make an internet radio (not no-name companies, that seem to have taken over this niche market; anyone want a radio by Grace? How about Sangean or Aluratek? Me neither). Lo and behold, Sanyo steps up to the plate in 2009. Sure, being an initial adopter in any hardware can have issues, but straight out of the box, this wi-fi radio with 10k stations (but, regrettably, only 8 channel preset/memory buttons!) linked itself to my wi-fi, and I have my favorite stations hooked and ready to go. Right now, WAAF from Worcester is cued and playing. It has tiny 4 inch speakers, but I plugged in my Soundsticks II computer speakers with subwoofer, and Lou Reed, "Walk On The Wild Side" sounds full as ever.

"And all the colored girls go doot doo doot doo doot..."


As of 9/01/09, I still adore this thing! I love the internet only, genre specific stations...rocking the alternative 80's. Just like Andy H. and I used to groove to at Spit in Boston.

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