Pucker Up, Buttercup--It's Gen Hoe!

This weekend, we'll have friends over for a nice evening of food and spirits and revelry. Oh, and Gen Hoe! What is Gen Hoe? A Chinese restaurant in an old Geneva gas station (or so Jay says) that looks like a windowless, stucco hole, yet gets rave reviews online (yelp, tripadvisor, et cetera) for its food. Well, we will put it to the test compliments of Cath and I. Can't test Chinese at the restaurant--like a Seinfeld episode, it's imperative to test Chinese by take-out. If for no other reason than to eat it close to a working restroom. Add in some fresh margaritas over candlelight, and I'd eat my own Converse Chuck Taylor. So really, I leave the judgement on Gen Hoe--who none of the seven or so dinner guests will admit to eating previously--to those with a more delicate palette.

The photo here represents my weekend--Chinese meal with friends, and flying my new Delta kite (not an Oriental clipper) from Hobbytown, St. Charles, in the local park.

Yessss! (fist in the air)
I am officially old!

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Kelly said...

So, how was it? An old Gas Station? Never heard that one. Really?


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