I seldom get an opportunity to just lay back and look at the sky. While waiting for my son's soccer team photos yesterday, I found a knoll of grass behind the school, shady, and laid back and looked up. Between two trees I could see the sky. The leaves rustled, and I had a George Kinder moment. If I could do this for, oh, say, six hours at the start of each day, I think I'd be a better person. A kinder person. I will make that my goal.

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White Ford Falcon said...

Six hours a day!! For God sakes man, you got sh*t to do! You can't spend 35% of your waking hours farting around looking up at the sky!

A Kinder moment alright... can have all that time and peace... you just need to also shed all of your materials wants at the same time. No thanks.


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