Charles Foster Kane never ate this well.

Special thanks for a fantastic evening and company from Victoria and Mike. After a drizzling day--enough to make me know that Billy Squier and biking to Aurora was out (plus Dave's well-intentioned warning about biking at night)--it was great to have a super casual evening. The ribs and chicken and salad was cooked to perfection, and the couch and giant LCD for Citizen Kane was comfy.

Charles Foster Kane, who owned everything his heart desired, controlled those around him only to not lose love once again, just as when he was a child and lost his mother. He turned cynical on society. I see the turning point now Mike: after he gave his rousing gubernatorial speech, still holding his values of helping the common man, Charles changes when his mistress is exposed to his wife and to the press by his adversary, Mr. Getty. That scene, in the mistress Suzan's apartment, was pivotal.

Great movie, great friends. I am delighted that you both saw and enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire last night--I agree. A winner.

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