St. Charles Day July 30, 2009

Fantastic 80F day—if this is what retired life is all about, I want in. Leisurely morning, chopped salad at Portillo’s then dropped Cathy at the Stamper’s Cottage for her 2.5 hour class. I popped the Infinity folder—as seen in photo looking down from the wooden park structure—out from the back of the van and biked for the entire time in St. Charles, to the Old Towne bookstore, the Pot park, the downtown area, checked out the Coffee Rwanda Bikes at Sammy’s, and really got some good cycling time in. Oh, sure, I had to stop for a fudgsicle, popcorn and Diet Rite at the park refreshment stand, but who's looking, right? Then, when Cathy's cardmaking class was over, tossed bike back in van and headed over to the Fox River to take the 3:30pm paddle boat ride up the Fox River. Casual fun. Giordano’s, Steinmart, Office Depot then home. Thank you for sharing my day.


White Ford Falcon said...

What a good day... and a day well spent...even if just hanging out.

Wish I were there with you brother... really sounds nice.

Need to get me one of those folders, I think.

coolkayaker1 said...

I'll tell you about the fodlers sometime--the good, bad and ugly. MOstly good. :-)

coolkayaker1 said...

P.S. The one in the photo, an Infinity brand folder, I got off eBay for $50 plus $30 shipping! I adore that little 16 inch wheeled bike.


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