Orion 20 x 80mm Astronomical Binoculars

I love these binoculars. I use them to see Heron eating small fish in the pond behind my house, and I used them two nights ago to view the full moon. The Bogen Manfrotto tripod makes them manageable. I enjoy good optics, and the Orions will soon not be as lonely-- Nikon spotting scope and Zeiss Binos will be joining the famly from B and H Photo, in New York--the only store I have ever seen in my entire life that is closed on Saturdays.

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White Ford Falcon said...

This is quite a pair of binocs, dude! I like 'em. I too am interested in optics and have always liked checking them out.

You'll have to let me know what you think of your new toys. Not sure Ihave anything specifically to look at, but maybe I can justify this in terms of photography somehow!



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